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Archive for October 2019

3 At-Home Remedies for Neck Pain

Head and neck pain can result from numerous sources, stemming from our commutes to and from work every morning, resulting from our work grinds, or maybe arising from an injury experienced while we’re being active. Below, Lovett Chiropractic goes over a few at-home remedies for head and neck pain. Yoga Yoga has been shown to…

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How to Boost Your Athletic Performance the Simple Way

Lovett Chiropractic specializes in providing chiropractic care services aimed at correcting subluxation and spine misalignment that can cause all sorts of health dysfunctions. We also specialize in sports nutrition and deeply understand the ways to effectively boost athletic performance the all-natural way. Below, we go over a few ways to more simply boost your sports…

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Your Q4 Wellness Assessment

As October continues to roll, it’s important to take stock of how your fourth quarter of the year is going. When we break our calendar year into quarters, it’s far more manageable in terms of setting and making sure we’re on track to achieve our goals. Doing a Q4 wellness check-in with yourself is essential…

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How to Treat Your Pain the Drug-Free Way

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to try to treat everyday pain and pain from an injury in as natural a way as possible, meaning that one should avoid using drugs and use surgery as a last resort. In reality, there’s a lot we can do without resorting to prescription medication…

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How to Cope with Head and Neck Pain without Drug Intervention

In this day and age many folks are worried about prescription medications, and rightfully so. We live in a world where one day we can become injured so badly that pain killers are the only option to get through the day. As a result, prescription medication dependency is on the rise, if not at an…

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