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Eating Healthy This Thanksgiving

By adminjosh | November 15, 2019 |

Whether you observe Thanksgiving as a holiday or not, it’s likely that you’ll come into contact with Thanksgiving fare at some point over the course of Thanksgiving week. Often, during the holiday season, many of us slack on our diets and nutrition plans in lieu of “enjoying” the holiday season. For many of us, enjoying the holiday season entails overeating, imbibing adult beverages, and eating candies and sugary snacks at all periods of the day. That’s why it’s important to stay on top of your health and wellness plan, even during the holidays. When it comes down to it, November…

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Headache Types and Causes

By adminjosh | November 7, 2019 |

Primary headaches are the types of headaches we can help with at Lovett Chiropractic, where we help correct misalignments in the spine that result in pain in other areas of the body, including the head and neck. Back trauma and/or poor posture can actually aggravate tendons and muscles of the head and neck, which can result in incredible discomfort and intense pain. Common headache types include: Migraine Tension Headache Cluster Headache Headaches can come about from a number of causes, including poor diet, dehydration, food allergies, lack of sleep or insomnia, environmental stimuli (like loud, excessive noise), blood sugar changes,…

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3 At-Home Remedies for Neck Pain

By Sean Barron | October 29, 2019 |

Head and neck pain can result from numerous sources, stemming from our commutes to and from work every morning, resulting from our work grinds, or maybe arising from an injury experienced while we’re being active. Below, Lovett Chiropractic goes over a few at-home remedies for head and neck pain. Yoga Yoga has been shown to bring tremendous benefits, especially when dealing with neck and back pain. Build your daily practice to ensure your body is functioning at its best. Mindfulness/Meditation Meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises have all been shown to release your body’s natural pain-killing capabilities. It’s worth trying to…

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How to Boost Your Athletic Performance the Simple Way

By Sean Barron | October 24, 2019 |

Lovett Chiropractic specializes in providing chiropractic care services aimed at correcting subluxation and spine misalignment that can cause all sorts of health dysfunctions. We also specialize in sports nutrition and deeply understand the ways to effectively boost athletic performance the all-natural way. Below, we go over a few ways to more simply boost your sports performance. Eat Clean, Whole Foods Cut out foods with processed carbohydrates and sugars. Make sure to eat more clean, whole foods, including plenty of proteins and veggies. This will help you save energy that you’d normally spend digesting harmful foods. Practice Meditation/Mindfulness Things like meditation…

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Your Q4 Wellness Assessment

By Sean Barron | October 17, 2019 |

As October continues to roll, it’s important to take stock of how your fourth quarter of the year is going. When we break our calendar year into quarters, it’s far more manageable in terms of setting and making sure we’re on track to achieve our goals. Doing a Q4 wellness check-in with yourself is essential to ensure you finish out the year strong and cross off more than a few (if not all) of those New Year’s Resolutions you made in January. How Do You Feel? Ask yourself how you’re feeling. Are you having any pains in your joints, shoulders,…

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How to Treat Your Pain the Drug-Free Way

By adminjosh | October 10, 2019 |

In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to try to treat everyday pain and pain from an injury in as natural a way as possible, meaning that one should avoid using drugs and use surgery as a last resort. In reality, there’s a lot we can do without resorting to prescription medication especially when it comes to treating pain that comes about from everyday wear and tear and injury as well. Below are a few ways you can treat things like neck pain, head pain, backaches, leg pain, and joint pain without taking drugs. Practice Deep Breathing…

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How to Cope with Head and Neck Pain without Drug Intervention

By adminjosh | October 2, 2019 |

In this day and age many folks are worried about prescription medications, and rightfully so. We live in a world where one day we can become injured so badly that pain killers are the only option to get through the day. As a result, prescription medication dependency is on the rise, if not at an all-time high. Head and neck pain might be the result of an injury, or it can come about from the things we do every day. Below are a few ways to cope with and treat head and neck pain the drug-free way. Practice Mindfulness/Meditation Mindfulness…

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How to Improve Workplace Ergonomics for Your Neck and Back

By adminjosh | September 27, 2019 |

When many of us experience an injury it can likely come about from something exotic that we do only once or once in a while (like help our neighbor move their piano into their attic, for instance). Or, an injury to the neck and/or back can also occur from something repetitive we do every single day. Your workplace or workstation is a good place to start when you’re thinking about how to optimize your setup for the sake of your health and wellness. Below, Lovett Chiropractic goes over a few ways to optimize your workplace ergonomics. Start with the Chair…

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Tips to Avoid Neck Pain

By adminjosh | September 19, 2019 |

For many of us, neck pain can be the result of the everyday tasks we do day-in, day-out. The source of our neck pain could be the way we stare at our computers, the way our desk is set up at work or at home, or even the fitness activities we engage in to stay in shape. Below, Lovett Chiropractic goes over a few common causes of neck pain and how to avoid neck pain overall during your daily grind. Build Up Your Neck Your neck has groups of muscles like any other part of your body and should be…

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3 Common Headache Causes

By adminjosh | September 11, 2019 |

Headaches can come about from a number of issues, whether it’s diet-related, a symptom of dehydration, or even the result of an injury at work or at play. Below Lovett Chiropractic goes over a few of the most common reasons we might experience a headache or head pain. Concussion/Injury Headaches can be a symptom that arises after an injury, whether it’s in an automobile accident, a sports injury, or even an accident that might happen at work. Such an injury can certainly activate pain-sensitive nerves in your head, resulting in headaches. Alcohol/Dehydration Many of us might experience a headache after…

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