Getting Outdoors During Quarantine

If you’ve been observing your civic duty, it’s likely that you’ve been spending much more time indoors — so much so that you’re actually not going outdoors unless it’s absolutely essential.

What we’re all finding after being cooped up indoors for long periods of time is that getting outside is rather essential — both to stretch our legs and in order to get some fresh air.

However, while outdoors it’s especially important to maintain vigilance. Below, Lovett Chiropractic goes over how to get outside for bits of time responsibly during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Go Out at Low Traffic Times

Make sure that you only go out during low traffic times. Around sunrise is a good time to go for a longer walk. There won’t be many people out. If you decide to go out at 9am or at 5pm that might be a different story.

Please Stay Six Feet Away

It’s surprising how many people are having so much trouble conceptualizing what six feet away means. Stay away from others during this time — it’s pretty much the law of the land for now.

Avoid High-Risk Activities

Taking out your fixed gear or your mountain bike is actually a bad idea during this time. You could fall and get injured and have to take up valuable space at a hospital in order to get the treatment you need — which you don’t want to be doing right now. Instead, play it safe and stay at home.

Again, keep your distance from every other person you come into contact with who doesn’t already live in your household. Lovett Chiropractic is here if you need any more information. Our treatments help get the best out of you!

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