Is Your Headache Rooted in Your Neck?

Your neck happens to be a complex construction of 7 vertebrae, not to mention an area of concentrated nerves that form part of the spinal cord.

There are also important arteries in the neck that facilitate blood flow to the head and brain.

Due to these facts, headaches and other head pains can certainly be related to tension and stiffness in your neck.

Stiff Neck Factors

Your neck can become stiff due to sitting in one position for too long, not to mention tightness in the muscles from performing some sort of new activity that you don’t do regularly.

Neck stiffness can turn into headaches when tears or splits in the cervical discs push on the root of the nerves in your spine. Degenerative cervical disc conditions can also result in head and neck pain, especially nagging headaches at the back of your head.

Types of Headaches

Neck pain, herniated cervical disc, and pinched nerves might bring on cluster headaches, tension headaches, and more. You might even experience a combination of multiple types of headaches brought on by tension in your neck.

How to Treat Neck-Induced Head Pain

Engaging in yoga or other stretching exercises can often help while visiting your local chiropractor for spinal manipulation can actually help get rid of annoying and agonizing headaches and neck pain.

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