It’s December, Have You Used Your Insurance Benefits?

Making sure that you’ve utilized your insurance benefits by the end of the year should be a priority, even though many of our minds are on our loved ones during the holiday season.

As we approach the end of the year, it’s important to take a closer look at how close you are to your deductible, for instance. If you’ve already reached your deductible, you should get in some health care services before your deductible resets.

Your insurance benefits might also change in the new year as many companies and insurance providers raise their rates, so it’s important to take advantage of your health insurance before the end of the year.

Chiropractic treatment is covered by many insurance plans. Getting a chiropractic tune-up is a great idea to help you deal with holiday stress and recalibrate your mind and body. Our treatments at Lovett Chiropractic give our patients health and wellness benefits like an increase in your range of motion, drug-free pain relief, sinus congestion relief, headache relief, a more restful night’s sleep, and much, much more.

Contact us today at Lovett Chiropractic to schedule your end-of-the-year chiropractic adjustment. We have a long track record of providing quality care for the entire family!

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