Keeping Your Immune System Up to Scratch

In the face of today’s latest sickness we all need to be concerned about, the Coronavirus, it’s important to make yourself aware of any sort of habits that might be setting you up for feeling under the weather.

It’s especially important to boost your immunity if you’re more advanced in age because this is a time when one is more susceptible to getting sick.

First, it’s important to eat well. Fruits and veggies are your friends, and they’re packed with vitamins and minerals that will help fend off infection.

Next, there are immunity boosting products, like health shots made with elderberry, black pepper, turmeric, and other ingredients that help clear mucus and give you a vicious vitamin C boost that will help ward off any potential invaders.

Keeping surfaces clean at your home and workplace is also crucial, not to mention washing your hands frequently and often, for at least 30 seconds each time you do.

Perhaps most importantly, if you’re feeling under the weather, stay at home. It’s not worth it to go into work when you know you’re sick, because you could then end up getting other people sick — which is a pretty inconsiderate thing to do.

Let’s all take care of each other out there. And, remember, at Lovett Chiropractic we provide chiropractic adjustments that help your immune system operate in tip-top shape. Call today to schedule your consultation.

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