Laura P.

I met Dr. Lovett at a Rochester Alternative Health Care meeting and realized he may indeed be able to help me with my achy back and severe intestinal problems. After consulting Dr. Lovett regarding my ulcerative colitis, which I suffered from for 39 years, I started a program of adjustments, a medical food product, EPA/DHA, glutagenics and changed my eating habits. I had to eliminate some foods. I did this and my intestines cleared up…and my energy returned. After my next colonoscopy, the Drs. stated there were no areas of displasia or malignancy. The changes were typical of quiescent ulcerative colitis. This is after they had initially recommended that I have a colostomy done because they said nothing else could be done before I saw Dr. Lovett. I highly recommend the services of Dr. Lovett; he is understanding, and very knowledgeable abouth the human body. I now enjoy a life free of cramps and constant backaches. Blessings to you Dr. Lovett

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