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The follwing is a testimony to my experiences with Dr. Lovett and his chiropractic treatment. Before visiting with Dr. Lovett, I had significant shoulder pain in my right shoulder. My range of motion in muy right arm was significantly less than that of my left arm. I went to the Mayo Clinic where they performed an MRI to look for torn muscles and an EMG test to look for damaged nerves. Both of the tests produced inconclusive results and I received physical therapy. I was in the physical therapy program for about two weeks without significant results before visiting Lovett Chiropractic on a suggestion from my wrestling coach. After a few observation, Dr. Lovett concluded that the problem was not in my shoulder, but had something to do with a neck injury that I had had previously. During the time that I was being treated by Dr. Lovett, my range of motion in my right arm, although not being equal to that of the left arm, had significantly improved. During my visits with Dr. Lovett he made a series of adjustments to my neck and spine and gave me interferential muscle treatment (both relatively painless). Within two visits, my pain was almost gone and within four visits, my pain was nonexistent. I firmly believe that my shoulder pain decrease and my range of motion increase were direct results of Dr. Lovett and his chiropractic treatments.

Simon Z. age 14

I met Dr. Lovett at a Rochester Alternative Health Care meeting and realized he may indeed be abel to help me with my achy back and severe intestinal problems. After consulting Dr. Lovett regarding my ulcerative colitis, which I suffered from for 39 years, I started a program of adjustments, a medical food product, EPA/DHA, glutagenics and changed my eating habits. I had to eliminate some foods. I did this and my intestines cleared up...and my energy returned. After my next colonoscopy, the Drs. stated there were no areas of displasia or malignancy. The changes were typical of quiescent ulcerative colitis. This is after they had initially recommended that I have a colostomy done because they said nothing else could be done before I saw Dr. Lovett. I highly recommend the services of Dr. Lovett; he is understanding, and very knowledgeable abouth the human body. I now enjoy a life free of cramps and constant backaches. Blessings to you Dr. Lovett

Laura P.

I have had chronic knee pain to some degree or another for quite a while and have visited medical professional on at least two previous occasions. One recommeded surgery. Instead, I opted for physical therapy, wich did help. Another suggested that I stop all weight-bearing exercise and take twelve ibuprofen a day. Common sense prevailed; I decided not to follow his advice. In fact, I added weight training to my exercise routine, which also helped. Last summer I was in Rochester with my daughter's basketball team when my knee stated hurting badly enough that it was painful to even walk, especially downstairs. Several of the girls' parents had visited Dr. Lovett for various complaints and all raved about the results, so I decided to give this chiropractic professional a try. (Ironic tht it was the parents and not the players who were in need of attention.) Anyway, Dr. Lovett adjusted my right knee and leg to the extent that I was able to walk out of his offic with NO PAIN! Now, I don't know what exactly Dr. Lovett did, but I do know tht it worked. My knee remained completely pain free for about six months. Now, nearly ayear later, it bothers me a little bit once in a while, but not anything like fefore Dr. Lovett's treatment. Why haven't I visited him again? I live in Massachusetts, and I really don't need to. But if I did need to, I would seriously consider a trip back to Rochester!

Ingrid K.

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