Winter Nutrition Tips

As the new year gets underway, it’s a good idea to start incorporating healthier foods into your diet, which will help you achieve a variety of your resolutions this year.

During the winter it might seem especially easy to slack on our diets in lieu of eating comfort food, which seldom has a great deal of nutritional value.

Below, Lovett Chiropractic goes over a few winter nutrition tips that will get you through the colder months.

Cook with Clean, Whole Foods

Soups and stews might be a popular choice at the grocery store, however, it’s best to prepare these dishes with clean, whole ingredients from home, which will save you money in the long run.

Go with a Half-Caff

If you’re on your second cup of coffee, try to make it with half decaffeinated coffee, which will help you cut down on your caffeine intake over the course of the day.

Cut Out Sugar

When you’re preparing your morning coffee, add organic coconut oil and all-natural honey for added nutritional value and flavor. Stay away from the fancy, sugary coffees and try not to add any artificial sweetener to your drinks.

Lovett Chiropractic provides treatments that help get the best out of our patients. Call today to learn more about how chiropractic adjustments go hand in hand with a healthy diet.

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